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Longreach Oil Limited (ASX code: LGO) is an Australian oil and gas exploration company. It was first listed on the Sydney Stock Exchange in 1954 and has been listed on the ASX (now the Australian Securities Exchange) since its formation.

Longreach seeks to play an effective role in exploration for and development of Oil and Gas and energy projects in Australia and/or overseas.





Longreach Oil (ASX: LGO) has direct interests in Oil and Gas joint ventures in the Carnarvon Basin, Western Australia and in the Surat Basin, Queensland. It also has an indirect interest in permits in the Surat Basin through its shareholding in Brisbane Petroleum Limited.



Petroleum Lease 280 (50% interest) - Surat Basin, Queensland

LGO holds a 50% interest in Petroleum Lease 280 in the Surat Basin, Queensland. The Company also has a 20% shareholding in unlisted Brisbane Petroleum Limited (BPL), which in turn holds the other 50% interest in P.L. 280. BPL also holds Petroleum Leases 18 and 40. P.L. 280 - which comprises 90 sq. kms (about 22,000 acres) was granted by the Queensland Government on 1 August 2010 for a period of twenty-one years (21 years).
The sale of BPL’s interest to Chelsea Oil Australia Pty Ltd has not yet been settled and the transfer application in respect of BPL’s interest is still pending.



Onshore Carnarvon Basin - EP-439 (11.33% interest)

This permit, which was held together with Empire Oil & Gas N L and several other companies, is subject to renewal. An extension of EP-439 has been applied for and an interim renewal application is currently under consideration by the W.A. Department of Mines and Petroleum.



LGO holds 5% of the issued capital in Starlogik IP LLC, a Delaware limited liability company.
Starlogik is a privately funded R&D company incorporated in the USA specialising in advanced telecommunications.
Starlogik has invented the first free and profitable cellular offering to deliver an ultra-low cost essential telephony proposition for the developing world. Designed to address the extremely challenging emerging market landscape, Starlogik connects the o3B ("other 3 billion) with zero carrier investment leveraging existing network assets.
Founded on breakthrough advances in signalling and switching Starlogik delivers a universal cloud hosted telecommunication system which works on any network and telephone without change, operating uniquely on the Star (*) key embedded in every phone.
Users simply Star dial to ‘ping’ the established paying base (Prepaid and Postpaid) for call back, seamless reversing the connection and spend in a calling party pays world. Return calls lock in quantum mobile terminating revenue for life, monetizing the single largest untapped market on the planet, the o3B who cannot afford to feed themselves let alone feed a phone.
Starlogik has been recording a global intellectual property portfolio with more than 100 patents in more than 40 jurisdictions. The principal disclosure relates to an advanced method of switching telephony connections when callers have insufficient credit remaining in their account.
Starlogik has recently begun demonstrating its core signalling capabilities to carriers worldwide and successfully completed multiple product and technical due diligence phases at leading carriers. Starlogik recently deployed a proof of concept in a regional subsidiary of a global carrier. Integration took less than 5 minutes and Starlogik delivered one of the fastest growing and most rapidly adopted services in the history of the carrier.
Starlogik is currently in various stages of discussions with a number of carriers across Africa, SE Asia and Latin America to trial the Star service.

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